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To ensure that all children no matter their ability are given the same opportunity to succeed. Our focus is providing an academic and practical learning environment using real life experiences and child led learning. The WB Yeats poem that inspires us.

Had I the Heavens embroidered cloths, Enwrought with gold and silver light   READ MORE


Over the years, Ireland has become a multi-cultural and diverse country. We teach all our students respect and celebrate diversity so that it is a natural part of their everyday life. We want our student to understand and appreciate that people are of many faiths and none and that everyone cultural and social practices are to be respected and recognised.  READ MORE


Scoil Sinéad Ltd is community focused as we believe that the school is a reflection of the community. Our themes are linked to the different activities in the local and wider community. This ensures that students can respect, care and participate in the community and also to highlight the good work that others do in their community.  READ MORE

  1. We established a board of 5 in May 2016 which was extended to 11 members in March 2017.
  2. In May 2016, we applied for patronage of a secondary school in Lucan and was awarded trustee patrons with Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board.
  3. In December 2016, we applied again for patronage of a primary school in Pelletstown Dublin 7 and were delighted to be awarded full patronage in May 2017 thanks to parental preference of Scoil Sinead Pelletstown NS.
Ethos of the school
Ethos of the school

We provide education facilities so that every child’s true potential can be realized regardless of their individual challenges. Students are encouraged to learn through their own individual learning style and with the support where necessary. All students are treated equally regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Scoil Sinéad Ltd will:

  • Promote all students spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development
  • Prepare students at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, with a focus on the development of practical life skills and assisting children with special needs reach their full potential
  • Provide multi-disciplinary support where needed for all children in the school
  • Provide any support such as counselling or guidance to parents, staff and students.
  • Will go above and beyond to ensure that the children get whatever support they need to support them in their everyday lives.
About Us

Scoil Sinéad Ltd is a new patron body that is made up of 11 members from a variety of different backgrounds including education, finance, medical and business. We provide an inclusive multi-denominational, co-educational, English medium schools.  

We are trustee patron of Griffeen Community College in Lucan and Patron of Scoil Sinead Pelletstown NS.

Our focus is providing an academic and practical learning environment using real life experiences and child led learning.  READ MORE

Our Aim
Our Aim

The fundamental aim of Scoil Sinéad Ltd is

  • To provide educational settings for all children to reach their highest potential
  • to create a safe haven for children to ensure that they become role models
  • To prepare the students to make the future a better place for all.
  • To foster an atmosphere of acceptance so that all students feel able to discuss their experiences and promote wellbeing.
  • To provide children with a sense of awareness of their community and provide opportunities to be active citizens
  • To provide each school under our patronage with a positive behaviour support system.
  • To establish an autism class for every year to ensure the children develop with their peers.
  • To graduate well prepared, productive and contributing citizens to society and the global community.

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